Tuesday, July 11, 2006

RiBITZ! And Welcome to the newly made blog, inspired by alot of my friends... Their Blogs rule man.. For example try http://realitworks.blogspot.com . Her blog rules! She made her skin herself man.. I mean like.. That's my dream larhs.. But i'll never achieve it X_X I'm too noob for blogskinng. Wuhaha.. Anyways...

Today not bad larhz.. Quite alot of nice things happened to me... Lyk for example i found a Maths Project Group which means my CA marks are saved! {HURRAY!!} Then also, had alot of fun with the boys after school.. Poking Darren all the way to the canteen from class.. LOLS.

Wahaha. To Celebrate this meaningless occasion, i shall rip a quiz from Alicia.

1)Full Name: Aaron Phua
2)Name backwards: auhp noraa. [ o_O ]
3)Were you named after anyone? My parents?
4)Does your name mean anything? Tell me.
5)Nick name(s): Umm. Can't think of any.
6)Screen name(s): RiBITZ.
7)Date of birth: 24sept93!
8)Place of birth: thomson medical hospital.
9)Nationality: singaporean.
0)Current location: Earth.
11)Sign: Libra.
12)Religion: FREEthinker. I think FREE.
13)Height: 153 cm.
14)Weight: Ask me.
15)Shoe size: Umm. I ain't gonna stick my head in my shoes to find out.
16)Hair colour: dark brown and black.
17)Eye colour: dark brown.
18)What do you look like? Black eyes? Hair? Skin? I must be a butterfly! [ xD ]
19)Innie or Outie: Innie.. I guess.
20)Righty,lefty or Ambidextrous? Right.
21)Gay,straight,BI or other: Whats BI? Anyways Straight.
22)Best friend(s): [[MFSS]] Darren [[APS]] Haley, Taylor, Zaki, Alvin, Zi Jian, Yi Jie!!
24)Friends(girls): Gwen, Alicia, Elizabeth.
25)Friends(guys): Uhm. Gimme a page of Foolscap and i'll tell you.
27)BF/GF: nopes.
28)Crush: nopes.
29)Parent(s): Mother; Father.
30)Worst enemy: The Marine Creature Horror.
31)Fav online(guy): MAX!! MAX!! MAX!! and oh. SYBESTIAN!! SYBESTIAN!! SYBESTIAN!!
32)Fav online(girl): Uhm. Only two are online... so.. Gwen and Alicia..
33)Funniest friend: Max.
34)Craziest friend: Max.
35)Advice friend: Max.
36)Loudest friend: Elizabeth.
37)People you cry with: Should be Haley.
[;Do you have...
38)Any sisters: older.
39)Any brothers: GodBrother: Max.
40)Any pets: Birds that jumped down from the 6th storey, and it was 2 months old.
41)Any disease: none
.42)A pager: no.
43)A personal phone line: nopes.
44)A cellphone? ya.
45)A lava lamp? nopes.
46)A pool or hot tub? Wish i had.
47)A car: Future.
Describe your...
48)Personality: Friends say I'm violent. [[ O_O ]] am i?
49)Drive: i dont.
50)Car or one that you want? Dodge Viper.
51)Room: Don't have one.
52)What's missing: Cash.
53)School: fun, but lessons are REALLY BORING.
54)Bed:A place to sleep on.
55)Relationship with parents: Not bad.
Do u..
56)Believe in yourself: Ocassionally.
57)Believe in love at first sight? If there's such a thing as TRUE love.
58)Consider yourself a good listener: no. i try to be.
60)Get along with your parents: Quite well.
61)Save ur e-mail conversations: who chats with emails? tell me please.
62)Pray: Yes. For cash.
63)Believe in reincarnation: We shall see. Wanna try?
64)Like to make fun of people: Ownage!
65)Like to talk on the phone: Ownage!
67)Like to drive: in future.
68)Get motion sickness: not really.
.69)Eat the stems of broccoli: Ya.
70)Eat chicken fingers with a fork: Chickens have fingers?
71)Dream in colour: no. they're 3D.
72)Type with your fingers on home row: nopes.
73)Sleep with a stuffed animal: Heck no.
74)Right next to you: Air.
75)On the walls of your room: i dun have a room.
76)On your mouse pad: Thumbdrives which are lagging my com?
77)Your dream car: Dodge Viper.
78Your dream date: Talk to me a few years later.
79)Your dream honeymoon spot: A few years later please.
80)Your dream wife: Again, a few years later.
81)Your bedtime: Before elevenPM.
82)Under your bed: Air.
83)The single most important question: Am i alive?
84)Your worse time of the day: Maths lesson.
85)Your worst fears: Losing all I've got.
86)The weather like: Rain.
87)The time: Tiger time .
88)The date: 11july2006
89)The best trick you played on someone: Umm. Can't remember.
91)Theme song: Animaniacs.
92)The hardest thing about growing up: Lack of money.
93)Your funniest experience: Watching sailing seniors laugh like drunkards.
94)Your scariest moment: almost drowned in austrailia's ocean.
95)The silliest thing you ever said: Can't remember.
96)The funniest or most desperate thing you ever did to get the attention of the opposite sex: I dont.
97)The scariest thing that ever happened to your friend(s): Lost their parents.
98)The worst feeling in the world: Getting backstabbed.
99)The best feeling in the world: When you are lying down in the playground in the rain.
100)5 people to tag: Max, Sybestian, Max, Max, Sybestian.

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"Be MightY in Boat and Speed"
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its a small world after all~
its a small world after all~

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